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ZO® Acne Control Pads

ZO® Acne Control Pads

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ZO® Acne Control Pads

Previously named CEBATROL™, the ZO® Acne Control pads are a refreshing acne prevention system, designed to remove oil, normalize pore size, help smooth skin's surface, and reduce inflammation and irritation
For oily, acne prone skin

The pads effectively remove dead skin cells
Reduces oil and helps to unclog pores 
Maximum strength acne medication (2% salicylic acid)
Anti-irritant properties soothe skin and reduce redness
Emollients help to restore moisture and hydration
Effective antimicrobial benefits

2% Salicylic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Glycolic Acid: Three proven exfoliants.
Botanical Extract Blend: Provides anti-irritant properties to soothe skin and reduce redness; Also provides antioxidant benefits.
Urea: Helps to restore moisture and hydration

Empty solution into jar. After mixing, keep jar closed to reduce evaporation. Use pads twice a day, AM and PM.
Texture of Pads are specifically designed to help promote exfoliation